3 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Windshield

3 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Windshield

3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windshield


Your vehicle’s windshield is designed to take a lot of punishment.  The safety glass on your side doors will shatter into a million blunt pieces if you hit it hard enough, but windshield glass uses a pair of glass panes sandwiched together by a thin but sturdy sheet of plastic.  This plastic keeps the glass together and in one piece even if part of it shatters.


Because of this, your windshield glass can crack in places without compromising the whole pane.  That’s useful since road debris and gravel will often hit your windshield and leave a permanent mark:  thanks to your windshield’s design, you don’t need to run out and get a replacement right afterwards.  However, a windshield can reach a point when you need to visit a Lafayette, IN body shop whether you like it or not, and if you notice the following signs then that time has definitely come.


  1. The Crack Blocks Your Sight


A small crack in the windshield along one corner is easy enough to ignore, at least while you’re in the driver’s seat.  However, a larger crack right in the middle of the pane can obstruct your view, and the sides of the crack can end up reflecting sunlight or headlights into your eyes.  You aren’t even supposed to hang things from the rearview mirror since they can obstruct your vision, so if a windshield crack is making it harder to see the road you should definitely get a replacement.


  1. The Crack Is Big


With smaller cracks and windshield damage, body shops and auto glass specialists in Lafayette, IN can repair the damage by filling in or buffing out the visible cracks.  Doing this won’t make your windshield as strong as it used to be, but at least it won’t be distracting or look bad.  However, if a crack extends too far across the windshield or if it starts growing as time goes on, you should replace it right away.


  1. The Damage Is Significant


If your windshield has cracked in three or more places, that weakens the rest of the pane and you should replace it before a new crack forms that’s even bigger.  The same is true for a single crack if it’s deep or wide enough.  You should also replace the windshield after a serious accident even if the damage looks minor.  There’s a good chance the collision will have weakened the glass and the frame around it, and that’s not something you want to test while you’re on the highway.


A windshield can take more damage than the average pane of glass, but at a certain point it will crack and shatter enough that you should replace it to keep yourself safe.  If you live in Lafayette, IN, then the best people to call are the Auto Glass Experts.  Our company specializes in auto glass repairs and replacements, and if you need them we can provide emergency replacement services and bring your new windows and windshields directly to you.